About Gav Munro

Gav Munro is a British artist originally from Manchester, UK. His work reflects his influences and an outlook shaped by extensive international travel experience mixed with a spirit that's quintessentially British. He is a specialist in portraiture utilizing styles ranging from pop-art to photo-realism. His artwork hangs all over the world in both galleries and private collections.

Gav is currently based in Hangzhou, a historical city in China  renowned  for its art, where he holds frequent exhibitions. He shows his art in galleries throughout the region including those in Shanghai and Ningbo. His work is sold globally with commissions from London to Sydney, Hong Kong to New York. 

Gallery owner and art collector, Charles Saatchi, shows Gav Munro's artwork on his online gallery site.

News Show
Peavey Asia Head Office Commission
November 03 , 2010

The manufacturers of fine musical equipment Peavey commissioned Gavin for some paintings for their Asia head office in Shenzhen. 

Based on his Iconology Collection Peavey now have three 2x2.5m canvases hanging.

The Peavey GM said 'Gavin's pop style suits Peaveys image perfectly, and the paintings are a constant reminder of why we do what we do!'

Live Painting Show at CODE space, Hangzhou
November 02 , 2010

Gavin was invited to paint live at the newest art club in Hangzhou. the night was a showcase for local artists and musicians. Adriana Cardenas joined Gavin as they painted live for an audience. There were several bands playing that night, headlined by New York band The Outsiders.

Gavin painted a pop art Mick Jagger that can now be seen in Maya Bar on Shuguang Lu together with others in his Iconology Collection.

(photos courtesy of Sam at http://www.imaginaire-photo.com/)

Gavin on Charles Saatchi Online Art Gallery
November 02 , 2010

Some of Gavin's work has been chosen to appear on the Saatchi online artsite. 

Charles Saatchi is a renowned art collector and owner of the Saatchi Gallery in London. He is also known for his sponsorship of the Young British Artists (YBAs), including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

Gavin hopes that this exposure will attract interest from more art collectors.

For more info see http://www.saatchionline.com/gavmunro

MORE Magazine photospread- Iconology Show
October 27 , 2010
The celebrated MORE magazine , the guide to Hangzhou did a photo shoot of the recent Iconology Show in Provence. Beautiful people and beautiful wine guaranteed a great night
The Londener Pub, Ningbo
October 27 , 2010
The Londener Pub in Ningbo recently bought some of Gavin's paintings. The owner of the pub has also shown interest in putting on a full show there in the future...watch this space!

Iconology paintings at Maya Bar, Shuguang Lu
October 27 , 2010
The Maya Bar on Shuguang Road in Hangzhou is now showing more Iconology works of Gavin. There are a variety of images from Bob Marley to Mick Jagger, get down there to see them before they sell out!
'Showing Face' new exhibition
October 25 , 2010
Gavin's new exhibition is called 'Showing Face' and you can catch it at Provence, the French restaurant on Baisashuan and Shuguang Lu. in this latest exhibition Gavin has put together a collection of personal portraits 'Many of the portraits are of friends and relatives..' Gavin says'... I really wanted to paint the people around me and try and put a little bit of their personality into them. For more info see http://www.morehangzhou.com/venue/restaurants/asian/southeast-asian/events-1664.html
That's Zhejiang magazine interview with Gavin
October 25 , 2010
Gavin was featured in the August edition of That's Zhejiang magazine. The magazine is the What's On guide to the province.

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